Wires and tubes manufacturing

Wires are used in several activities areas such as microtechnology, automotive, medical and aeronautics.

Electroplating furniture’s

Electroplated ligaments (available materials : copper, brass, stainless steel), delivered on reels.   


Electroplating for micro component

Used in the watch industry. Available treatments: silver, rhodium, palladium, copper, gold, fine gold, tin, nickel.


Galvarex is also a subcontractor for several medical sectors, such as cardiology, ophthalmology and gynaecology.


Titane anodization

Coloured anodization essentially consists of a titanium oxide, which is homogeneously distributed /applied all over the piece). Our furnishing allows producing several tones and a perfect repeatability. 29 colours are available.

Electroplating wires

Thanks to our equipment’s in endless electroplating, we can apply one or several metallic coatings on your wires.

This allows to improve several characteristics such as electrical property, acid resistance or even aesthetic appearance.